Other Language :


While talking to merchants and bankers, you should use macroes (like: Greetings merchants, can we trade? [vendor buy] ). Keep in mind to add the commands (like "vendor buy" "vendor sell" or "bank") at the end of the sentence! Use parenthesis to make everything more rpg. This is also important with horses... it's boring to say always: - xxx stop, xxx come (xxx is the name of the animal) you can use a macro for this just like: - xxx, wait for me here [xxx stop].You could also make some more good sentences which can be your battle cries. :)
Your character cannot know the name of a player until he (or someone else) tells him that. When you meet someone for the first time, please remember that your character DOESN'T know his name (even if you can read it in his paperdoll).


When you see another player who is tagged blue, or whatever, you can't attack him without a reason. If he's red, you can't attack him just because you are blue and a paladin of goodness. A character could be tagged red for lots of reasons: you can never know if he is actually evil. Same stuff for gray tagged ones! Maybe a "Criminal" can be dangerous, but he could also just be a normal player who turned gray for a mistake (like healing another gray tagged character).
Reflect well before killing someone.
Never do a Reskill (killing a pg as soon as he resurrects himself or resurrect him to immediately kill him again). Reskilling will be charged with jail or ban. And when you're winning, always give a chance to surrender: dying makes you lose lots of gained experience (even if, usually, death is little more than a routine in ultima online). If you have been killed reflect about it, if you know that your killer is still waiting for you in the place of the murder, do not return there! Maybe try to pick up some of your loot (i suggest you to go with while you're still wearing the resurrect robe) and ask your killer if you can get your stuff back... While in a war, remember that if you die once, it's useless to come back in battle after you've been resurrected: in a war, you can get just one head per player. Once they've got your head, you have lost the war.
Give a real value to death... nobody likes to die... neither do your player.
Try always to keep a polite and civilized language towards the others, even if they don't do the same: and if they do, first you should act as an example answering them in the right way, then you tell the staff (through email and NOT in game) about their rude behaviour.
If somebody insults you in a rpg way (using IN THEME words... like: "peasant", "rapscallion" and that kind of stuff), you will answer in theme, using similar rpg-like words, defending yourself in a believable way, and NOT using words like "f*ck" or "sh*t": being quarrelsome is not forbidden (good and evil have always existed), just keep in mind that you've got to use medieval or fantasy-like IN THEME words.

Remember that if you've decided to keep a certain roleplaying style (like being a paladin of goodness, an evil discord bringer, a noble and polite man, an artist or whatever you want), you've always got to keep on personifying that role, without changing your style everyday.
If you're good or something like that, you'll be mercyful with an enemy near to death, and you'll not loot everything from your dead enemy's corpse. If you're evil, on the other hand, it doesn't mean that you'll be allowed to do everything you like, like killing everyone at first sight. You'll always need a reason to kill.
You are not Terminator, you're just evil. Ok?

Remember that, apart from keeping a polite language, you've got to speak as your characther would do. If you are a savage barbarian, maybe you'll not be so polite with people, and maybe you could treat them as animals: it doesn't matter if your character is an etiquette expert or if he's grown up in a stable, the important thing is to always act in a the same way (the character's one), and RESPECT the rules (shard rules and player rules).
Whenever it happens something (in game) which depends on you and you have to disconnect (i hope you still have a "real" life), try to give it an "rpg" reson ( for example - in game: - ach, i hope you can apologize me, but now I have to go to the castle, The king asked for me... Farewell, Knights. - that's ok) remember that talking in rpg off style is punished with jail ( you can't say: - yo men gotta go, mum's calling me for dinner, bye. - use icq for it).
Remember your role. If you have chosen to be a druid, you HAVE TO follow the druid system, you can't ignore it at the beginning of the game. If you live in a city, you have always to obey to your king; if you don't like him, change. Try with another kingdom, or try to live in the wilderness, out of the city.
If you follow a hierarchic system (for the guild or the kingdom you belong to) always keep in mind the rules (if you are a soldier remember to follow your commander's orders).
Play always your role. We are a society of players which play roles, we want to do that because we have chosen this shard. If you don't like it here, just leave, and somebody else will take your place. If you like it, then give the good example. Try to help the others when they start. The quality of a shard it depends on the players, not just on the staff.
Don't ride on horseback into shops or houses, unless you have a good rpg reason to do so.
Don't speak in games using slangs or chat languages... (say always: - Greetings to you. not: greetings 2 u; what are you doing - and not: what r u doing).

Staff's roles

The staff and some carefully choosen players, will impersonate important (or less important) roles of "permanent" characters in everyday's life.
It could be the innkeeper, a messenger, a city ruler, a smart monster or whatever could increase the game's depth.
In-game quests shall be created from clues you'll give us in everyday's social life. And, by the way, we'll let players have fun and take part of situations we'll create.
You'll never hear the word "quest": maybe you'll hear stories from bards in the rpg forums, read about political and social happenings from writers and narrators in the reign's cronicles. But, for sure, you'll never hear things like "advice to players: quest tomorrow 30 january"
If you have got something to propose for events or quests, send an e-mail to our admin: if we can do that, it can be a good way to enter in the world you wish. Remember that the really cool and funny stuff about this game will not fall from the sky: you have to help us with your ideas, creating your own stuff, too! You could take it the passive way, but then you'll not have the right to mourn about possible deficiencies.
If you've got a particular playing style, weird or original, talk about it with admins or gms, because, for example, sometimes being an assassin for hire could cause misunderstandings (like being mistaken for a player killer): if you tell us first (and not THEN, probably as an excuse for a player killing), later we could even defend you.